The Issues

The Minister for Planning, Matthew Guy, approved amendment C125 to the City of Greater Dandenong Planning Scheme (CGDPS) on the 22nd December, 2011. The amendment rezones the site at 890 Taylors Road, Dandenong South from a farming zone to an industry 1 zone.

The site, commonly known as the Lyndhurst tip (which now resides in the newly formed State Seat of Carrum), is the only landfill in Victoria at which higher levels of hazardous wastes may be deposited. The amendment further allows the operators of the Lyndhurst tip, Sita Environmental Solutions, to construct a hazardous waste storage and treatment facility for contaminated soil on top of recently closed hazardous waste cells. Such a facility is prohibited under a Farming Zone. Furthermore, the tip is close to many thousands of residents around the Dandenong and Cranbourne area.

To make matters worse, the Victorian Government does not have a statewide strategy to manage hazardous waste. We are presently lobbying the Legislative Assembly of Victoria to produce a Hazardous (Prescribed Industrial) Waste Management policy, and to cease relying on the Lyndhurst landfill. Although the petition has now been tabled in Parliament, it may still be viewed at Stop Toxic Waste being dumped at the Lyndhurst Landfill via the Community Run web site.

While we understand that waste management is a necessity, we are of the opinion that hazardous waste and, prescribed industrial waste, be located away from where people reside in order to protect them from incidents which could see the release of toxic material into the surrounding soil and air. Our mission is to fight for the closure and relocation of such facilities away from residential homes.


Our petition against Toxic Waste was successfully tabled in the Victorian Parliament on the 15th October 2014 by Member of Parliament Mrs. Donna Bauer of Carrum.
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In 2007, the City Council of Greater Dandenong resolved to adopt a comprehensive position in relation to the Lyndhurst Prescribed Waste facility. Indeed, the Council's position encompassed the entire Lyndhurst Landfill Site.

Since that time, numerous aspects of the Council position have materialised.
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RATWISE pays tribute to their late Life Member, Stuart Marriner

Past victories led by Stuart Marriner

We knew Stuart as a true gentleman who cared deeply for his family, friends and the community. Along with his dear wife Jean, their door was always open to listen, discuss and counsel anyone who was in need of help and advice.

He was very well read and interested in many aspects of life in the communities around him. This led to his involvement in working towards the best possible care for all.
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