RATWISE loses one of its Life Members

Stuart Marriner on his scooter fighting the cause.

It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of our life member, Stuart Marriner, last week. From the very beginning, Stuart was the backbone of the RATWISE group. We met at his place as a group every first and third Wednesday of the month around the billiard table, which he often called the ‘battle room’.

We first met Stuart with his concern for the safety of the local environment and those who lived there through his amazing ability to recognise, research and bring his concerns to the public notice. He fought for the natural rights of all people to a clean and safe environment.

In the words of one RATWISE member, Stuart Marriner was a brilliant man that passed this way but once, and left his indelible foot print for others to follow into a better environment. We all have been touched by his presence.

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