Petition Against Toxic Waste Update

As many of you are aware, we are presently petitioning the Legislative Assembly of Victoria to produce a Hazardous (Prescribed Industrial) Waste Management policy, and to cease relying on the Lyndhurst landfill. Unfortunately, the State Government does not accept online petitions like the Federal government does. Consequently, we have created a printable petition form which may be downloaded and distributed to members of the community. Please, feel free to print as many copies as necessary to help support the cause. When enough signatures are collected, the forms may be returned through the post to:

PO Box 180,
Dingley, Vic., 3172

Please note that the online petition may still be viewed and signed at Stop Toxic Waste being dumped at the Lyndhurst Landfill via the Community Run web site. How much bearing it will have will depend whether or not a local Member of Parliament is willing to support the cause by raising it in the State Parliament….

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