First RATWISE Newsroom Post

Stop Toxic Waste Near You!

Welcome to our RATWISE Newsroom. As this is our first post, we will make it brief. Just to let you know that in the coming months, we aim to keep residents living close to landfills in Victoria (especially those situated close to the Lyndhurst landfill) up to date with the latest changes concerning State Government Legislation regarding the management of hazardous waste.

As the web site is still under construction, we are limiting subscribers of this forum (that is, people who can start a new topic) to the administrators. This, however, does not prevent anybody else from joining and/or replying to discussions, and any details that you provide (such as email addresses, etc.) will be kept confidential. Note, however, that this site does not provide facilities for secure transmission of information across the internet. Users should therefore be aware of the inherent risks of transmitting personal information across the internet.

Otherwise, we hope that you find our web site informative, and that you join our cause in supporting the following online petition against the dumping of toxic waste in the south east suburbs of Melbourne.

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