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Residents Against Toxic Waste In South East (RATWISE) is an organisation made up of residents who are concerned about the impacts of toxic (hazardous) waste on people's health and the environment. Our conviction is that all people have a natural right to live in a clean and safe environment and we will do what we can to achieve a cleaner and safer environment.

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Our History

RATWISE is an incorporated organisation established in 1999 and, since our inception, most of our efforts have been aimed at stopping the dumping of toxic (hazardous) waste at the Lyndhurst tip.

The Lyndhurst tip is situated in Taylors Road, Dandenong South and is now the only landfill in Victoria at which higher level hazardous wastes can be dumped.
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In 2009 we also began directing our efforts to the vast industrial area in Dandenong South. This area contains many industries which use materials or produce or treat wastes which have the potential to be hazardous to human health and the environment.
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What We Do

What We Do

We do what many community organisations do such as lobby for change, draw media attention to the issues, involve ourselves in legal actions, make submissions, protest, attend forums on important issues, write letters and leaflet drops.

RATWISE has been involved in legal cases at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) and made submissions at panel hearings.

Whatever we do, be that objecting to the establishment of a new waste treatment facility, attending forums on changes to government policies, meeting with politicians on an issue, the ultimate aim of our actions is to persuade the Victorian government that facilities dealing with hazardous waste are a threat to people's health and the environment, and that these facilities need to be away from where people live and need to be well managed.


Our petition against Toxic Waste was successfully tabled in the Victorian Parliament on the 15th October 2014 by Member of Parliament Mrs. Donna Bauer of Carrum.
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In 2007, the City Council of Greater Dandenong resolved to adopt a comprehensive position in relation to the Lyndhurst Prescribed Waste facility. Indeed, the Council's position encompassed the entire Lyndhurst Landfill Site.

Since that time, numerous aspects of the Council position have materialised.
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RATWISE pays tribute to their late Life Member, Stuart Marriner

Past victories led by Stuart Marriner

We knew Stuart as a true gentleman who cared deeply for his family, friends and the community. Along with his dear wife Jean, their door was always open to listen, discuss and counsel anyone who was in need of help and advice.

He was very well read and interested in many aspects of life in the communities around him. This led to his involvement in working towards the best possible care for all.
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